Panther Creek Slate Quarry and Rail Car

Fact or Fiction? When I was growing up I heard about a train car still on its tracks in the Abrams Creek section of the Smokies. I hiked in three times to the Panther Creek area and finally hiked up far enough to find the answer. I will add more later but in a nut shell there are remnants of the quarry activity there! Below is the sky line that went from the north shore to the cart.

Here is Mike Wood kneeling at the arch behind the cart. The skyline apparantly looped here for its anchor.

An here is the cart...still on tracks! Not very large but a cart nonetheless! So....FACT!


  1. Jeff, Did you go on to Panther Creek Falls? It's definitely worth the extra bushwhacking. I haven't been since our tornado so it might be even more difficult.

  2. was about three years ago. I could have kicked myself for not bringing my fly rod!