Tri-pacer Airplane Crash

Here my friend Charlie Wimmer is at the crash site. This is close to Double Springs Gap shelter just off the AT a few yards.

The plane crashed in a snow storm and the pilot survived! I will add more details later.

Another look at the Piper Tri-pacer


  1. Do you have GPS Coordinates to any of the plane crashes in Mayday? I'd like to bushwhack to some of them, particularly the Clingman's wreck if it is still there

    1. I know this is an old post. Just wanted to answer your question. If you are referring to the B52 Stratofortress crash on Clingmans Dome, there are no signs of the crash left. Barely, if any, scars left to show location. I met the daughter of the pilot recently at the visitor center in Gatlinburg. Melinda Stites

  2. Enjoyed your book. We heard some hikers found a plane crash on Whooly Top mt. in Green brier- our favorite place to hike. Can we get the coordinates for this crash? Been to the Big Popular in the Whooly Top area. Could it be close to it?

  3. Ann- the plane is just off the top of Wooly Top. Man its hard to get to!