Sugarlands Rock House

You gotta wonder who built this house, who visited it, who slept in it, what was cooked, how deep the snow ever got, how many animals came by and finally who was the last person to stay in it before it was torn down.

This is looking south from the fireplace hearth. Notice the beds to the right. I think I counted four sets of beds inside and outside the house. Two are beautiful with neat designs at the feet.

The hearth in the larger of the rooms. Pots and pans are still there lying even on the mantle.

Here is a map to the cabin.

This is a gas stove. It has three burners (which are still there).


  1. Neat, where is the trailhead for the Sugarlands Stone house, just read about it on the Smokies newsletter.

  2. Jeff
    We hike to the Rock House today. Awesome hike. Thanks for the map. Have you ever posted the rest of your map. I would love to see more of it.

  3. Great map and info. Everyone should make a good map and details like you have done. Thanks CM