Eagle Creek Copper Mine

Another "legend" I heard about growing up was the Eagle Creek Copper Mine. It supposedly had all the mining equipment still there, several pits and railroad ties to see. After investigating this legend I found out that it does in fact exist. I have been there four times and keep finding neat things. From Eagle Creek on Fontana Lake, go toward Campsite 90 but turn right into another draw. I will post its name later. Paddle about a mile and on your left will be an obvious opening in the woods. Immediately you will find railroad ties almost operating as steps up to the mine site Once there you will see the fenced in pits to your right and machinery to your left. Up on a rise to the left is this winch that my son is standing near.

These are the ties at one of the fenced pits.

Again, a photo of the winch.

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  1. I recently stumbled across this mine while perusing Fontana lake. Very interesting. I was unaware that there was more than one pit though, and intend on going back to find them. My friend and I intend on hiking around the lake to Proctor, so we'll probably stop by and look around.