My summer backpacking gear

Many people have asked what I carry while on a weekend summer backpack is my list:
Summer Backpacking Equipment (Base weight)  08/09/12

ITEM                   WEIGHT (oz.)     NOTES

GoLite 2000ci pack       25.3     comfortable to 20lbs
Trash compactor bag      2.2     waterproof  liner bag
Coleman fleece bag       23.9    good to 60 degrees
Sil-nylon tarp                21.5    with 2 stakes and cord
Hammock                    18.9     with whoopie slings
Northface rain shell       13.0
Extra Cool-max socks    1.6
Extra synthetic tee-shirt   6.6
Extra underwear             3.1
Bandana                        1.0
Alcohol stove                 2.6
1 liter pot with lid           6.2
Cup and spoon              3.8
Pur Hiker water filter    12.7
Repair kit/knife               3.0
Nalgene water bottle      6.4
First aid kit                    9.2
Toiletries                       5.7
Headlamp                     2.9
Fire starter kit               3.6
20L drybag                  3.0
Digital camera              4.3
TOTAL                  180.5 ounces (11.3 lbs)

Food             To be determined
Water            To be determined
Capilene pullover       9.0 oz
Denatured alcohol      2.0 oz per meal
Map/permit/etc To be determined

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