Snowshoe Clingmans Dome Road

I went snowshoeing up Clingmans Dome Road last Friday (Feb 19) with 30 inches of snow at Collins Gap.  That is as far as I made it.  I had a turn around time of 3:00 so I came back.  No problem!  I broke new snow to about Indian Gap and that is where I met Wendell Liemon, 75 years old, skiing by himself in my tracks. He was very appreciative of me breaking new snow! ha ha

Here is Indian Gap...

And here is a beautiful scene of the snow on the trees...

I met a group of 6 going to Mt Collins was 4:30 in the afternoon and they were at Indian Gap.  They still had over 3 miles to go and they were post-hole hiking. 

Beautiful day at the top of the world!


  1. great pictures. Is there still snow out there? I did my first Smokies hike in April of last year, up rainbow falls trail to Le Conte lodge, during the last bad snow storm of the year. We broke trail from the blvd all the way to the AT. The scenery was unbeatable, but it took us 8 hours to go 5 miles!