Wagon Wheel Scars near Schoolhouse Gap Trail

From the Schoolhouse Gap Parking Trailhead, walk up the trail for about 200 yards.  In the creek bed to your left have you ever noticed thses scars?  There is about a hundred yards of these. I have only seen these types of scars in one other creek...that is East Prong of Little Pigeon just below Road Prong and Walker Prong.  These scars are 2 inches wide and from outside edge to outside edge are 64 inches wide.  In some places there are one defined set, other places two sets.

Here is a great shot of the scar.  Where did these come from?  I have a guess...

There are three wagons at the Cades Cove Cable Mill area.  They are all in the barn.  Guess what the measurement of the wheel is?  2 inches.  Guess what the width is of the wheel base from outside to outside?  64 inches!


  1. Thanks Wadley! I'm taking our cub scouts to Cades Cove and Schoolhouse Gap to do the wagon wheel measuring and I couldn't remember how far up the trail to go on Schoolhouse Gap. This is very helpful and the kids are always fascinated!

  2. It's less than a mile up Schoolhouse Gap on the left in the creek. Measure those and then measure the wagon wheels in the barn at the Cable place in the Cove.