Qulliams Cave? Quilliams Rock? Quilliams Falls? What is it exactly?

Just off NFG Road on Road Turn Branch is an interesting set of rocks at the head of ths creek.  I have heard it refered to Quilliams Rock, Cave and Falls.  Wildlife Wilderness Week began taking groups up there a few years ago (but some only to Courthouse Rock) and other guided hikes have been there as well.  Let me take a paragraph and describe what I see.  If you follow Road Turn Branch high up past the Quliliams farm area you will stop at a very large set of cliffs.  Begining on your left, the rocks form out of the ground at the exact top of the valley you are in and the next one to the SW.  At this begining the first rock is just a few feet high and offers you the opportunity to see into both drainages.  Moving to the right the rocks get very high, very fast.  Here the top is probably 20' and gains elevation as you move to your right.  In about 30 yards you will find a rock with an indention in it large enought to have a few people stand under it and be protected from a rainstorm.  Move to your right more and they really take off!  Now we are looking at a cliff that is probably approaching 100' in height with a water fall coming off the top.  The last time I was there was in December '09 after a rain and boy was there a lot of water coming off the top!

The Quilliams Rocks at the far left side

At the water fall you can easily walk behind it with no trouble.   To the right of the water fall there is a shelf some 20' or so off the ground that I climbed upon to take a picture of the "rock house".  The shelf in this rock face is at ground level and has its floor litered with massive slabs of rock that have fallen from apparent "freeze and thaw" method.  However it is a very large room that is unique to the Smokies.  It is also very dry in there.  I could smell the musty, mold odor of a cave.  If you have allergies this place would set them off in a hurry!

Interesting formation at Qulliams Rock area

Quilliams Falls

Quilliams Rock (AKA Cave).

So, what word does one use to describe this area?   Quilliams "Cliffs".   The cliffs have cliffs, a waterfall and a rock overhang.  I did not see a cave.  If there is one would someone please tell me where it is?!

From the very back of the "cave" looking out toward the waterfall.


  1. HI, Jeff
    Is there some way to get a bette copy of your map?
    I am going to CH Rock on Wednesday.
    Also interested in future exploration of the other areas around Sugarlands.

  2. Well...the one online is about as good as it gets. The "trail" is very recognizable except the trail is scarce approaching the "cave". Its noyt really a cave....just an overhang. Is there a particular part you have qss about?