Mill Creek Falls

I have seen this falls on my old maps for years. I visited once back in 1986 and did not have my camera so I went back last weekend. This is a terrific trip. The photo above shows the falls/cascades from about a hundred yards away. From the Cable Mill area, drive up the gravel road (Forge Creek) until you drive over the bridge. Just after the bridge look for a swampy area to the right and a small gravel pull off on the left. Park there (on the left). Walk into the woods and you will hear Mill Creek to your left. Don't go there quite yet; continue walking slightly uphill. After a few minutes you will see a rise to your right. Go there. On that rise is an old road. Actually there are two parallel roads. If someone can tell my why there are two parallel roads I would appreciate it. Stay on the road going away from your vehicle. You will cross many blowdowns along the way. After a few minutes the road will abruptly end at Mill Creek. Walk across the stream into the flats. Continue walking upstream now for about two miles. I tried to follow the road bed as much as possible going up but I took an easier route coming back (I stayed above the creek to the north...there is an unmistakable bear trail that you can follow that is out of the rhodo and away from the creek). Eventually the road will peter out and the going will get a little steeper. At the end of the steep section the terrain will suddenly flatten out and you will see the falls about 200 yards beyond. Take note of the interesting rock formations to your north and south. Cool cliffs and rock walls abound. In the Sugar Cove area between there and the end of the road, there is supposed to be a mill stone in or near the creek. I could not find it. Anyone know where it is?
So, here is the famed Mill Creek Falls. Myth or Fact? FACT!


  1. Hi. I have been researching the hike up to Mill Creek Falls. I know it is off trail (not sure why everyone feel the need to tell me this), will require climbing over and through obstacles, and is about 3+ miles but I was wondering just how strenuous it is? If you had to compare it to one of the trails, elevation changes wise, are we talking... Abrams Falls or Alum Cave? (or any other hike you might think of)

  2. Thanks! Great and ex to follow write up!

  3. EZ... not what I was expecting but sounds great. Is the creek crossing rock hopping or should we prepare to remove shoes and bring a towel?